Our Practical Guide to Packing for a Tropical Honeymoon in Samui

February 14, 2020
Casa De Mar Samui

The wedding day is said to be the biggest day of any couple’s lives—but it doesn’t end there. The climax of the wedding lies in the ensuing honeymoon where you and your partner can have the most valuable time together and try your best to procreate.

There are many ways and places to venture into where you and your partner can make your honeymoon truly worthwhile and memorable. Many newlywed couples consider having a tropical honeymoon by booking in an all-inclusive resort somewhere on a tropical island.

While having a tropical honeymoon is an ideal choice, you and your loved one need to pack smartly to ensure you are both prepared for the honeymoon activities. That said, here’s our practical guide to packing for a tropical honeymoon:

1. Sort your hand-carry

When your honeymoon is set to a tropical place, the chances are that you will travel by air. There’s even a possibility for you to take even more than one plane. There’s really no need to get too bulky and bring everything you want. What better way to proceed than to make do with your hand-carry with all the essentials? These essentials should include toiletries, electronics, medications, and some appropriate outfits.

2. Prep for the adventures

Apart from the main essentials, you have to come in prepared for the honeymoon adventures and activities. Whether you plan for some activities to take or prefer to be more spontaneous, you also have to consider things other than the essentials mentioned above. For instance, you and your partner may want to go hiking or horseback riding, so make sure to pack activewear as well. If you consider a romantic evening excursion, then you may need to bring a light jacket.

3. Follow the “6 tops and 3 bottoms” rule

Now, let’s get into the outfits. There’s what we call as the “6 tops and 3 bottoms” rule that you may consider when packing.

Six tops: As a rule of thumb, make sure to select six basic tops that you can mix and match. You may bring mostly short sleeve tops paired with a couple of long sleeves. Short-sleeve tops are your go-to clothes while your button-up blouses can be great cover-ups for bathing suits. Just make sure they all complement your jean shorts or maxi skirts, so you have plenty of outfit options.

Three bottoms: As for the bottom, you need three types to make up your different outfits—short pants, long pants, and skirts, if you must. Jeans are always a comfortable and practical staple for any travel. In terms of color and style, go for neutrality and make sure they complement the tops you’ll bring with you.

4. List down and check things twice

Once you’re done packing things up, it won’t hurt to list all the essentials, miscellaneous stuff, and pieces of clothing for your outfits. Doing so will help you remember every item you need for your tropical honeymoon and adventurous activities. Before you leave, check all the things inside your bag to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Final words

Whether you’re off to somewhere beachy and tropical, such as Bali, explore a tropical island in the Carribean, or savor the best of what a beachfront resort in Koh Samui has to offer, you want your honeymoon to be all worthwhile.

The first step is to ensure you pack all the things that you need without having to stress out on bulk traveling. The key here is smart packing, so make sure to consider the four tips outlined above.

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