How to Plan A Romantic Valentine’s Day Date at the Beach in Koh Samui

February 9, 2020
Casa De Mar Samui

Valentine’s day may be considered the most romantic day of the year, but if you’re hoping to have an unforgettable day, planning can be stressful. Maybe you’re strapped for cash, or perhaps you’re running out of ideas to make a date special. But ultimately, you have to remember that what matters is spending quality time with the person you love the most.

While there’s nothing wrong with a romantic dinner, you might find it more magical to spend the special day in a place you don’t frequent, like the beach. Just imagine basking in the beauty of turquoise waters while enjoying a serene atmosphere, away from the noise of everyday life. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

If you want to impress your partner by organizing a romantic date at the beach for Valentine’s Day, here are a few handy tips to make the experience one to remember:

Pick the right beach.

When choosing a beach for your date, you have to take into consideration your partner’s interests. Will they appreciate a secluded area, or do they enjoy having the company of other people more? If they want the former, private access beaches that offer a quiet environment and give you a bit of privacy. The only drawback is you will have to pay a fee. Now, if they want the latter, you can always bring them to a public access beach. You will be surrounded by other people, presumably other couples or families who are also spending Valentine’s Day, but you most likely won’t have to pay any fees. If your partner is an adventurous type who loves engaging in water sports, you have to do research and find a beach that offers the activity they want to try.

Secure any tickets you might need.

The key to having a successful Valentine’s Day at the beach is planning early. If you opted for a beach that is far away, you have to book airline tickets and hotel reservations way in advance. Remember, Valentine’s Day is similar to a holiday, and putting things off at the last minute may rob you of the chance to stay at the resort or hotel you want. Tickets and rooms will also be extra expensive when you book them closer to the date. When you secure tickets early, you can take advantage of any discounts or packages airlines or hotels offer.

Don’t forget the basics.

Just like with any other beach trip, your getaway might be spoiled if you don’t bring the essentials. When gearing up for the date, make sure that you pack everything you might need, including swimsuits, sun protection, towels, flipflops, waterproof bag, camera, and any snorkel or diving gear. If you’re planning a chill day, you may also want to bring magazines and books.

Plan a surprise.

While there’s nothing wrong with spending a quiet day at the beach, you might want to take things up a notch and plan a surprise to make your Valentine’s Day extra special. When planning, consult the resort you’re staying at to see if they’re offering any special packages that cater to couples, like a romantic dinner or a spa treat. If they don’t, you can always organize the surprise on your own. It can be as simple as planning a nice picnic with some food you’ve prepared yourself, or you can do a bonfire where the both of you can cuddle up by the fire as you roast marshmallows and s’mores.

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