3 Places to Go Snorkeling in and around Koh Samui

April 19, 2020
Casa De Mar Samui

Don’t you love snorkeling? When you go underwater, you lose yourself to an unknown world that’s captivating and truly stunning. Down there, nothing matters more than enjoying the experience of being at the mercy of nature, surrounded by its terrifying beauty. One of the best places you can ever enjoy snorkeling is in Thailand.

While there are many spots you can go there to enjoy a remarkable snorkeling experience, here are three places that you should go in and around Koh Samui:

1. Koh Samui

While the beaches on Koh Samui promise clear water, the visibility drops significantly the further you go out, not making it such a great option to go snorkeling.

Yet, the island still offers some beautiful snorkeling experience, most of which are found near Lamai Beach. To get there, you can rent a motorbike. If you don’t want to do that, you can opt for taxis or other forms of local public transportation, such as Song Theaws.

2. Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is an island near Koh Samui, and it is also a great place to go for snorkeling. Keep in mind, however, that the spots you should go for on this island would be around the north-western area. As for the waters, it’s a little bit murky, like what Koh Samui experiences. However, waters are much clearer around April, August, and September.

To get here, you can grab a ferry from Koh Samui to the island. If you can and have the time, we recommend that you stay for at least a night. That way, not only can you enjoy the snorkeling experience, but also the night parties the island is well known for!

3. Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan

Both of these islands are side by side. There is actually a sandy path that connects the two islands, allowing you to travel in between islands on foot.

These two islands, being near to Koh Samui, are also reachable. However, it offers perhaps one of the best snorkeling experiences you’ll ever find in Thailand. The corals here are truly out-of-this-world, and you’ll more than likely find up to ten species of coral, all bunched up together in a square meter.

Other creatures you’ll find here are the worms that inhabit some of the corals, some of which are truly stunning. Of course, fishes are also found here, looking for food and calling the place home. Anemones are also far and wide here, and while they look like corals, they are just creatures that look like flowers.

To get to these islands, you need to hire a speed boat to get there. The total time will take you about an hour and a half, so make sure that you get comfortable for the ride.


While Koh Samui itself offers a remarkable snorkeling experience, the islands around it will enhance it even further. The best part about this is that you can make Koh Samui your main stop and hire boats to head out to visit the other islands!

Need a place to stay on Koh Samui? We hope you love a boutique beachside resort because that’s what we are! Casa De Mar Koh Samui looks forward to serving you soon!

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